Grading Scale

Tests, Major Projects
  • Chapter & Unit Tests
  • Research Projects
    • Oral Presentations
    • Research Paper
    • Science Fair Planning
Lab Activities & Group Projects
  • Various Labs/Experiments (Lab Booklet)
  • Posters, Group Demonstrations, Etc.
Quizzes/ Individual Projects
  • Mid-Chapter Quizzes.
Daily Work/Homework
  • Worksheets
  • Writing Assignments
  • Foldable Exercises
  • Vocab & Section Assessment (out of textbook)


  • Promptness/Attendance
  • Level of Engagement in Class
  • Report to Class with Materials
    • Completed Assignment
    • Textbook
    • Writing Utensil
    • Assignment Book
  • Respect for Class Rules/Expectations
You should receive a grade sheet or report card every 4-5 weeks; let me know if you need updates more frequently (Ray.Ringstmeyer@k12.sd.us).

Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  If a student is absent, they need to come into school early if a test, quiz, or lab is missed to make arrangements to complete the missing work.  Daily work missed will be excused most of the time, but the student still needs to come in early to see me about anything that may have been missed during an absence.

Students who know they will be absent in advance are expected to get their assignment, complete the assignment, and turn it in before the end of the last day of school before the absence will occur.  If there happens to be a quiz or test on the day of expected absence, the student may either take the quiz or test before they leave, or immediately upon return, but I must be notified of the students wishes before I sign the absence slip.


I will not hunt down those who have missed school or have missing or late work.  It is the students responsibility to take care of such matters and communicate with me so that there are no misunderstanding between the student and I, and the student and parents/guardians.